Golden Principles of Happy Marriage

These 25 golden principles of happy muslim marriage was compiled from last night talk by Imam Mahmud Kurcu at Al Khalil Mosque, Adelaide. Feel free to share and distribute the words.

1)      Marriage is a long term ibadhah. It’s like a marathon. It can be your road to jannah or road to Jahannam. The most important thing is you must have the right knowledge.
2)      Islam is always the ultimate judge. When there is a conflict, always asks, what does Islam says in this matter?
3)      Never and ever in your marriage say anything negative about your spouse relatives/family.
4)      Never and ever argue in front of your in laws, children, relatives or peers, even on facebook.
5)      Never and ever humiliate your spouse in front of anybody.
6)      Never discuss your spouse private secrets with anybody.
7)      Never raised your voice at each other. Be calm and take wudhu if you are angry.
8)      Men are the head of the house while the wife is the advisor.
9)      Spend quality time with your spouse.
10)  Don’t be shame to say sorry.
11)  Never leave an issue/conflict unresolved before you go to sleep.
12)  Never and ever compare your spouse with other people.
13)  Never assume that your spouse can read your minds (especially for women).
14)  Never abuse the god given right of intimate obligation.
15)  Never lie to each other.
16)  Always approach a problem to solve it. A muslim is always part of the solution. Be positive.
17)  Don’t insist on your partner. He will not change overnight.
18)  Give each other appreciation, respect and love EVERY SINGLE DAY.
19)  Never generalize things about your spouse.
20)  Before demanding your right, fulfill your obligation/responsibility first.
21)  Always be mindful to Allah. Look at your spouse as a mirror. Always correct each other.
22)  When something is wrong with your spouse or in your marriage, do not straight away asks for divorce, always try to find the best solution.
23)  Be constant in remembering Allah, be grateful to Allah and always complement each other.
24)  Do not pick on each other’s fault. Do not see every fault of your spouse.
25)  Know your responsibility and limits to your parents and in laws. For husband, don’t trade your mom with your wife, otherwise you are sending yourself to the hellfire.

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