How did Allah see? How did Allah hear?

“Ayah, can Allah see us now?” Ask Humaira’ this morning when we were on our way to her school.

“Yup, sure he can,” I said to her briefly. More questions will surely come after.

“Can Allah heard us talking in the car now?” he asked another question, as expected.

“Of course he can, in fact, he can hear every single thing that every single human in this world says.” This time, I elaborated the answer a bit more.

“But how? How did Allah see, how did Allah hear? Did he have eyes and ears like us?” and finally, she asked the real question which I think, is boggling her mind all this while.

Humaira’ is now 7 years old, when she was just 4, her question was just about ‘what’. Almost everything that she saw and touched, she wanted to know, what the name for it was.

As she grew, the questions evolve from what, to why and how.

Sometimes, I and my wife found it hard to answer, especially when she asked about complicated concept involving science and ISLAM, but we try as best as we can to give the best answer.

At this stage, it is important for parents to answer every questions children asked appropriately as their mind is progressing very fast, like a sponge if I can say. For muslim parents, it is good if we can try to relate every answer to the concept of tauhid through simple explanation that can easily be understand.

For example, when children asked about why the colour of the sky is blue, do not just explain the concept of colour and light which make the colour of the sky look blue, but say to them that Allah is the one who created the sky, sun and light that made the sky looks blue and ALLAH is the ONE that created the beautiful blue sky and everything in this world.

When children ask about why dead people have to be buried, explain about the concept of life and death and what they can do to have a better life in the hereafter.

Every question that our children asked is actually an opportunity for parents to build up their iman. We should not let this chance slipped away.

I took a deep breath before answering as this is another chance to increase her knowledge about tauhid. Hopefully the answer will be good for her. Insyaallah.

“No Humaira’, ALLAH didn’t have eyes and ear like us, but surely he can see and he can hear. How he see and hear, we leave it to Allah, it is not our job to figure out how can he see and how can he hear, because we as humans are very weak to do so.”

“In fact, Allah forbids us to ask about how did he look like, how did he see, hear and all things related to his being, but what Allah want us to think and talk about is his creation.”

“For example, Allah wants us to think about the mountain, how the birds fly, how the fish breath in the water and even about ourselves.”

“When we think and explore his great creation, we will see, how great the creator is, and try to imagine, if his creation in this world is great, how great is the heaven that he promised to all his servants that does many good deeds in his life” I explained.

“But ayah, I’m still small, how will I know and learn about all those things that you said?” she complained.

“That is why Humaira’, even thinking about one of his creation is hard, now, can you imagine, how can we think about the one that creates all things.”

I looked at her face through the rear view mirror. She looked at me as well and I gave her a smile. As we approach the school gate, I remember one ayah in the Quran that reflect our discussion just now.

(3:191) those who remember Allah while standing, sitting or (reclining) on their backs, and reflect in the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): 'Our Lord! You have not created this in vain. Glory to You! Save us, then, from the chastisement of the Fire. 

O Allah, grant her knowledge and wisdom that will make her a better servant to you in the future. Ameen.

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